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A purely functional definition of Sets
...without any data structures

What would a defintion of classic sets in F# look like. These would just be composed of functions, without any underlying data types.

The simplesy defintion of a Set is a boundary - everything inside it belongs to the set, everything outside it does not. We can define that membership using a simple function type.

type 'a Set = 'a -> bool

true for a value that belongs to the set and false otherwise.

For example. the set of natural numbers is:

let nat x = x > 0


Contains just calls our function, but constrains its value to bool- which will help out type inference down the line.

let contains value set : bool = set value


A set that contains nothing could never return true.

let empty = fun _ -> false


A universal set is a set which contains all objects, including itself. For now, our definition does not care about Russel’s paradox.

let universal = fun _ -> true


A zip combines two sets with a combinator function.

let zip set1 set2 fn = fun v -> fn (set1 |> contains v) (set2 |> contains v)


A set union combines the elements of both sets. We can express this with zip:

let union set1 set2 = zip set1 set2 (||) 


An intersection of two sets only has members which belong in both the sets, or, ANDing.

let intersect set1 set2 = zip set1 set2 (&&) 


let filter fn set1 = zip set1 fn (&&) 

and moving on to constructing sets.


A singleton set has only one element.

let singleton value = fun v -> value = v


let ofList list = fun v -> list |> List.contains v


assert (1 |> FSet.singleton |> FSet.contains 1)
assert (1 |> FSet.singleton |> FSet.contains 0 |> not)
assert ([1; 2; 3] |> FSet.ofList |> FSet.contains 1)
assert ([1; 2; 3] |> FSet.ofList |> FSet.union (FSet.singleton 4) |> FSet.contains 4)
assert ([1; 2; 3] |> FSet.ofList |> FSet.intersect (FSet.singleton 1) |> FSet.contains 1)
assert ([1; 2; 3] |> FSet.ofList |> FSet.intersect (FSet.singleton 4) |> FSet.contains 4 |> not)

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